other teachers

at Kadampa Meditation Centre

Teacher Sophie Andersen

Sophie Andersen

Sophie is a new teacher at KMC Copenhagen where she teaches meditation classes in Danish and English. She first met Kadampa Buddhism at KMC Hong Kong in 2012, and has been studying and practicing meditation & mindfulness with the tradition ever since. Sophie returned to Denmark in 2016 with her family, where she works as a supply teacher and has been regularly volunteering at KMC Copenhagen. She is known for her kind nature, relevant and humorous teaching style with many examples from daily life.

Teacher Sophie Andersen

Stig Backen

Stig is the co-teacher at our free weekly classes on Wednesdays in Danish. Stig has been a student of KMC Copenhagen for over two years and has developed a strong meditation practice following the Kadampa teachings offered at the centre. Now retired, Stig draws from a lifetime of experience and provides a unique perspective on the meaning of Modern Buddhism here in Denmark.

Teacher Sam Barnes

Sam Barnes

Sam is one of the regular teachers at Kadampa Meditation Centre, Copenhagen where he teaches classes and workshops. He is originally from England, moved to Copenhagen in 2015, and is also one of the volunteer managers of the centre. Sam has studied, practised and taught meditation and Kadampa Buddhism for several years. He is known for his good heart and clear and down to earth teaching style, that draws from his personal experience of applying the teachings and meditations to his life and work.

Teacher Lidet

Lidet Wolde

Lidet has been a student and volunteer of the centre for several years who currently teaches the monthly kids class in Danish. She first learned about meditation whilst living in Miami and has since developed her practice and experience after moving to Denmark, particularly emphasising the Buddhist practices of love and patience in relation to raising her two children. Lidet is also a project manager for a large company and so has plenty of experience of how to integrate practical Buddhist teachings with a busy daily life.