Clear Mind at Work – Program

Why mindfulness & meditation?

In a world where stress is recognised as one of the biggest occupational hazards and employee engagement a company’s greatest asset and competitive advantage, it is no wonder that more and more leading organisations including Apple, Google, Yahoo and Barclays Bank, are integrating meditation and mindfulness programs into their workplaces.

Scientific research has conclusively proven the organisational benefits of meditation and mindfulness programs; leading to improved focus, creativity and physical & emotional well being which reduces harmful stress and develops the whole brain. Meditation and mindfulness is the most widely practiced, most researched, and most effective method for personal development.


The clear mind at work program

Clear Mind at Work is a mindfulness and meditation program which has been tried and tested with organisations such as Barclays Bank. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of contemporary lifestyles and to be easily integrated into the demands of a busy work and home life. The program focuses on practical aspects of meditation and mindfulness and is suitable for everyone regardless of their beliefs or background. The program is as follows:

Introducing Clear Mind at Work this is an initial half-day workshop which explores the benefits of the program for our work and home lives as mentioned above, as well as introducing some key concepts and basic tools of the three core modules mentioned below.

Following this introduction, the three core modules of the program then generally run over twelve weeks. Each module consists of a four-week program with a one and a half hour workshop each week. Each module builds upon the previous one. It is also possible to tailor the program to suit your team or organisations needs.

1 Mindful Living introduces the full set of Clear Mind at Work tools of meditation and mindfulness. Learn how to bring one’s awareness fully into the present moment, connecting to a natural sense of inner stillness, clarity and positivity.

2 Embracing Change learn how transforming our view of the inevitable changes and challenges we meet within our organisations, enables us to meet them with an open, accommodating and calm mind. In this way, rather than the high levels of stress that these situations often generate, we cultivate a solution-oriented approach to challenges we meet and transform the situation into an opportunity for personal growth and development.

3 Authentic Leadership cultivate a greater self-awareness, let go of limiting perspectives and fears, leading to confidence, authenticity and integrity as a leader. Also, cultivate a more empathic and compassionate approach to leadership.

Program teacher

The program is led by Tim Larcombe who is the senior meditation teacher of the KMC CPH (Copenhagen). He combines a strong background in business with a wealth of experience of meditation and mindfulness.

For more information and prices please contact Tim Larcombe (Administration Director, KMC CPH) at : T: (+45) 29 99 75 99 E: