Healing from the heart

March, Sat 3rd | 10.00 to 15.00 | With Gen Tubchen | KMC CPH

Discover the pure happiness that comes from opening your heart to others. Learn a powerful healing meditation that enables you to transform sickness and difficulties, known as ‘taking and giving’. Taking and giving is a powerful method to increase our spiritual strength, maintain a positive mind in the face of adversities, and develop a kind heart. In meditation we courageously take on others’ suffering by means of compassion and we give them pure happiness by means of love. This practise helps us to actualize the tremendous potential we all have for unbiased love and universal compassion.

This special practice and meditation helps to overcome our suffering and fears caused by our selfish minds, thereby healing ourself from mental and physical suffering. By destroying our self-cherishing mind we naturally become a fearless, joyful person with a vast capacity for helping others in the most beneficial ways.

About the teacher:
Gen Tubchen has been a Buddhist nun since 2003 and she is loved for her clear, powerful and practical teachings and her deep retreat experience. She regularly visits the different centres throughout the Nordic region to teach and guide retreats.