Love: are we doing it wrong?

Mar, Sat 16th | 10:00 to 13:15 | with Kadam Mark | KMC Copenhagen

Even if we are off the technological grid, we are still connected at every level to others at all times. None of us is an isolated individual, we are all part of the family of living beings. Our thoughts and actions directly or indirectly affect many other people, even when we are not aware of this. And everything we think, say, do or have is dependent upon others, even when we ignore this fact.
When we feel lonely, we feel disconnected from others, isolated, separate. This is actually an illusion that comes from grasping at ourself as independent of others. We feel we are the only real “I” in the universe, whereas everyone else is really “other”, and less than I. Self depends upon other, just as left depends upon right or up depends upon down. Therefore, I am not independent or separate. Nor are you. I am self, but so are you. You are other, but so am I.

There is a series of meditations taught in Kadampa Buddhism, called or training the mind, that enable us to feel the truth of our equality and connection to others at deeper and deeper levels. This series of meditations leads to a increasingly profound and satisfying sense of closeness, affection, empathy, and non-dual wisdom.

Course fee: 200kr | members: 50kr (light brunch included)

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