Peaceful mind

February, sat 24th | 10:00 to 13:15 | with Sam Barnes | KMC CPH

This half-day workshop will address the core issue of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness, finding and improving the experience of peace of mind, or inner peace. As you will discover, the simple sounding phrase, improving inner peace, is not as two dimensional as it may first appear but includes a dynamic process that leads to a journey into human nature and potential.

The guided meditations led by Sam will introduce you to a peace of mind that doesn’t depend upon external conditions. This inner peace can become a lifeline when life gets challenging and also a means to transcend limitations and fulfill our basic human wish for genuine happiness and fulfillment. By developing this inner quality through meditation and mindfulness, we will gradually improve our day-to-day happiness, begin living our best life – being true to who we are, and naturally become more beneficial to the lives of those we love.

This workshop will include two sessions of a mixture of talks and guided meditations as well as opportunities to ask questions and discuss the topic. There will be a break in the middle for tea, coffee and pastries and to meet other like-minded people. The workshop is very suitable for beginners but also those who have been meditating for a while and would like to reflect on how to deepen their practice. The language for this workshop will be in English.

Workshop fee: 250kr | student 150kr | members 30kr