Purify the mind, heal the heart

October, Sat 6th and Sun 7th | 10:00 to 13:15 | with Kadam Mark | KMC Copenhagen

Is it possible to heal the hurt that we carry in our minds? Can we purify our mind of our own past negative actions? Can we move out of the past and become the person we want to be? Yes, we can and in this special weekend event you will learn practical meditation tools and perspectives to do this.

You will learn tried and tested methods to purify the mind. Through guided meditations, teachings and discussion, Kadam Mark will show us how to integrate these teachings into our daily life.

The Saturday morning workshop will focus on karma and purification in general. On the Sunday morning workshop Kadam Mark will give a commentary to a specific practice Sutra of the Three Superior Heaps. Everyone is welcome to either or both days.

Course fee: 325kr | one day only: 200kr