Creating confidence

Repeat meditation class
Sundays, starting February 10th | 10.00 to 11.30 | with Kadam Mark or Tim | KMC Copenhagen

After years of trying to transform our lives with mixed results, it’s time to question our methods instead of ourselves. Change is hard. Especially the lasting, positive change that moves our lives in the right direction. But it has been done–for thousands of years. The Buddhist meditation tradition offers profound but practical tools that can connect us with the powerful potential within our minds. This class is a great way to develop the confidence and agency we need to create the meaningful change we seek.

The classes include talks and guided meditations in clear, easy-to-understand English and are suitable for beginners and those with more experience of meditation.

Drop-in to whichever dates suit you best.

Drop-in fee (per class): 80kr
Clip Card: (4 x classes): 280kr
Clip Card: (8 x classes): 480kr
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