Clear mind, peaceful heart

Feb, Sat 23rd | 10:00 to 13:15 | with Kadam Mark | KMC Copenhagen

Discover how to connect to the natural peace, clarity and potential of our minds through the practise of a special and highly practical meditation known as ‘The clarity of the mind’ meditation. We will explore how this experience enables us to easily let go of unhealthy states of mind such as anxiety and fear, as well as perceived faults and limiting beliefs that we may hold about ourself. We will also see how this experience enables us to develop confidence in our ability to cultivate our inner potential for good qualities, inner peace and happiness.

Also, we will explore how this experience opens the door to gaining insight into the true nature of things, including ourself. We will realise that we are not as fixed, stuck or limited as we can often feel we are. In truth, we all exist in a state of profound freedom and limitless potential for positive change. Connecting with this sense of freedom and potential, we become confident that we can change and live the truly peaceful, happy and fulfilling life we would want.

Course fee: 200kr | members: 50kr