Meditation retreat
A day of meditating on love

February, Sat 11th | 10:00 to 15:00 | with Gen Daö | KMC CPH

We all have within us the potential to experience a deeper sense of connection, warmth and love for others, whether it’s our partner, family, friends or others.

During this meditation day retreat you will be introduced to three highly practical, inspiring and transformative meditations that enable us to discover our potential to live with a genuine and consistent loving heart. Through these meditations we can experience for ourself, how the more we improve our love for others the happier we will naturally become. In this way we will also learn to truly enjoy our relationships and life in general.

The retreat will be taught in clear, easy to understand English and are suitable for complete beginners and those with more experience of meditation. In each session Gen Daö will explain clearly how to engage in the particular meditation and its benefits for our daily life. Then he will guide each meditation, enabling us to gain deep experience of each meditation and its benefits.

Workshop fee: 280kr | students 170kr | free for members
Includes tea, coffee and pastries