June, Sat 9th | 10.00 – 15.00 | With Kelsang Jangdom | KMC CPH

At this one-day meditation course, special guest teacher Kelsang Jangdom will explain how to understand and overcome our fears.

Everybody experiences fear from time to time, whether it be fear of what people think of us, fear of the future or fear of failure. If our fear becomes extreme, we can feel paralyzed and overwhelmed, unable to make decisions or move forward with our life.

According to Buddha’s teachings it is possible to transcend our fears and attain a state of fearlessness. But this can only be accomplished through investigating them and uncovering their source in our own uncontrolled minds.

The workshop will include talks and guided meditations in clear, easy-to-understand English. This workshop is suitable for beginners and those with more experience of meditation.

Workshop fee: 300kr | students 200kr | Members Free