Living our best life now

January (2017), Sat 7th | 10:00 to 13:15 | with Gen Daö | KMC CPH

At this time of year, we naturally look to the future and think about the positive changes we would like to make in our life. However, maybe our experience of trying to change is that we often fall back into our old habits and feel stuck there.

In this workshop Gen Daö will explore how we can all develop the confidence to make the changes we wish for and live our best life now. We will explore the views and perceptions that generally undermine our ability to make the meaningful changes we wish for. We will discover through our own experience that there are no faults or limitations in our mind that we cannot learn to let go of.

We will explore how meditation enables us to connect with our potential for authentic and lasting change from inside-out. We will discover we can become the person we wish to be: peaceful, kinder, more dynamic and confident, happier, more loving. This empowers us with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in our life, an inner drive to actualise our unbelievable potential so that we can live our best life, and be of real benefit to our family, friends and others. The workshop is suitable for beginners and those with more experience of meditation. Talks and meditations in clear, easy-to-understand English.

Workshop fee: 250kr | students 150kr | free for members

Includes a light brunch