Living with freedom, ease and joy

August, Sun 21st to Oct 9th (7 x weeks) | 11:00 to 12:30 | with Gen Daö | KMC CPH

Everyone wants to live with a greater feeling of freedom, ease and joy. However, maybe we don’t feel it’s entirely possible for us. It’s easy at times to feel quite stuck and think that we can’t truly change. Perhaps we feel that certain negative and unhelpful habits of mind are just part of who we are.

In this series, Gen Daö will introduce us to highly practical and inspiring meditations and methods to change this. We will discover how learning to live from a peaceful mind and a good heart of love, compassion and wisdom, is the best way to find freedom from our inner problems of mental discomfort, unhappiness, fear, anxiety and so forth. Also, through this practical training we will find a new found and consistent sense of ease and joy within ourselves. We will also explore how this enables us to become a genuinely positive and beneficial influence in the lives of those we live and work with. In this way, we will become confident in our own potential to change, and to find the truly happy, fulfilling life we all wish for.

The classes are taught in clear, easy-to-understand English. They are suitable for complete beginners and those with more experience of meditation. Each class is like a mini, stand-alone workshop. So, you can just drop in whenever you can, or attend the whole series. A Clip Card (see below) enables you to attend the whole series (or other classes) and save up to 25% on the class-by-class fee.

Aug 21st – Discovering our potential to live with freedom, ease and joy

Aug 28th – How to find freedom from fear and anxiety

Sep 4th – How to find freedom from negative habits of mind

Sep 11th – Getting to know our mind and our potential to live the life we want

Sep 18th – No Class – Due to Nordic Dharma Celebration (Sweden)

Sep 25th – How to let go of of finding faults and love the ones you’re with

Oct 2nd – Compassion – connecting with others, living an inspiring & beneficial life

Oct 9th – Wisdom – the freedom and peace of knowing the way things really are

Drop-in fee (per class): 100kr | students 60kr | free for supporting members

Clip Card: (4 x classes): 320kr (20% discount on class-by-class fee) | students 200kr (17% discount)

Clip Card: (8 x classes): 600kr | students 360kr (25% discount on class-by-class fee)

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