Mindfulness 2.0
The art of positive thinking

Talks & guided meditations
April Sun 30th to May 21st | 11:00 to 12:30 | with Gen Daö | KMC CPH

Apr 30 – Mindfulness 2.0 – The art of positive thinking
May 7 – Understanding negative habits of mind (delusions), and how to let them go
May 14 – Letting go of attachment & craving, through training in non-attachment
May 21 – Letting go of anger & confusion, through training in patient acceptance & wisdom

These days the term mindfulness is becoming part of our popular culture. The word is generally used to describe the quality of non-judgemental self-awareness. In this series Gen Daö will explore how the Buddhist meditation tradition reveals an enhanced understanding of, and training in mindfulness. This training – which is suitable for everyone – has been practised for centuries and has proven its effectiveness in helping anyone develop and maintain a deep and genuine peace of mind, happiness & inner well being.

This special training involves combining non-judgemental self awareness with positive personal development. What we could call ‘Mindfulness 2.0’. We learn how to identify, reduce and let go of unpeaceful, negative habits of mind. In their place we learn to connect to and cultivate our potential for peaceful, positive habits of mind through training in meditation & mindfulness.

In this series we will explore the three principal negative habits of mind (delusions) – attachment, anger & confusion / ignorance – which are the root source of all our unhappiness and inner problems. We will learn how we can gradually reduce their power and let them go. We will also learn how to cultivate positive, peaceful habits of mind – patience, non-attachment and wisdom. We will discover how developing and maintaining these three peaceful and positive minds is both an antidote to delusions, and a source of deep peace of mind, inner resilience and happiness. Through this training in improving our mindfulness, we will discover how we can all gradually increase our inner peace, happiness and well being day-by-day.

The classes are taught in clear, easy-to-understand English. Suitable for complete beginners and those with more experience of meditation & mindfulness. Each class is self contained. So, you can just drop in whenever you can, or attend the whole series if you wish. A Clip Card (see below) enables you to attend the whole series (or other classes) and save up to 25% on the class-by-class fee.

Drop-in fee (per class): 120kr | students 80kr | free for supporting members
Clip Card: (4 x classes): 400kr (20% discount on class-by-class fee) | students 270kr (17% discount)
Clip Card: (8 x classes): 750kr | students 500kr (25% discount on class-by-class fee)

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