Introduction to Tantra

November, Sat 11th |10:00 to 15:00 | with Gen Daö | at KMC CPH

Nowadays, Tantra is very popular. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding about the real meaning of this inspiring and highly practical inner training. In this workshop, we will discover how the basis for training in Tantra is realizing that everyone has an extraordinary potential to live a life of great freedom and joy. In Tantric meditation, we find the perfect methods to access and fully actualise this inner potential.

Gen Daö will explain how, by learning to experience increasingly subtle and deeply peaceful levels of mind in meditation, we gain clear insight into the nature and potential of our mind, and the nature of reality. Through these insights we come to understand that we and others have the freedom to change, to become the truly loving, compassionate and wise person we would wish to be.

Course fee: 300kr | Students: 200kr | Members: free

The workshop fee includes coffee, tea and biscuits. Lunch can be found in the many good restaurants and cafes near the Centre.