The art of forgiveness

March, Sat 18th | 10:00 to 13:15 | with Gen Daö | KMC CPH

We can all feel hurt sometimes, as a result of the words or actions of others. We may find it hard to let go of that hurt and forgive others. This often leads to us feeling anger or resentment. If we don’t have a skilful way to recognise and let go of that hurt, anger and resentment it can easily undermine our peace of mind and happiness, as well as harmony in our relationships.

Also, we may say or do hurtful things to others from time-to-time, and find it hard to forgive ourself. This feeling of guilt and shame can leave us feeling bad about ourself and undermine our peace of mind and self-esteem.

In this workshop we will learn proven meditations and methods that enable us to change this. We will learn how we can view every situation with the wisdom and compassion that empowers us to let go of feelings of hurt, anger or resentment towards others, or guilt and shame towards ourself.

In this way, we will learn how to cultivate the self-confidence and compassion that enables us to authentically forgive others, and ourself. This strong and courageous mind of forgiveness, enables us to respond to the challenges of life with a peaceful, positive mind and cultivate harmony in our relationships. The morning will include talks & guided meditations in clear, easy-to-understand English.

Workshop fee: 250kr | students 150kr | free for members
Includes a light brunch