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Kulturnatten 2018

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Learn to meditate and experience inner peace

Drop by our center and try guided meditations. You will learn simple ways to calm your mind, free up tension and strengthen the positive aspects of yourself. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is required. We arranged four 40 minute meditations in the evening: at 18.00 and 19.00 (in Danish), at 20:00 and 21:00 (in English). Please come on time!
Time: 18:00 – 22:00

Lær at meditere og oplev din indre fred

Kom forbi vores center og oplev guidet meditationer. Du vil lære enkle måder, at rydde op i dit sind, frigøre spændinger og styrke de positive aspekter af dig selv. Alle er velkomne, og ingen tidligere erfaring er nødvendig. Om aftenen arrangerer vi fire 40 minutters lange meditationer kl. 18.00 og 19.00 (på dansk) kl. 20.00 og 21.00 (på engelsk). Kom venligst til tiden!

Tidspunkt: 18:00 – 22:00

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The art of meditation

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The art of meditation

Talks & guided meditations
Mondays from October 29th – December 17th | 19:00 to 20:30 | with Kadam Mark | KMC Copenhagen

Be guided by an experienced teacher through several meditations that can be reproduced at home. Learn how to improve mindfulness and concentration, as well as how to set up a regular meditation practice.

The classes include talks and guided meditations in clear, easy-to-understand English and are suitable for beginners and those with more experience of meditation.

Drop-in to whichever dates suit you best.

Drop-in fee (per class): 80kr
Clip Card: (4 x classes): 280kr
Clip Card: (8 x classes): 480kr
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Special talk: The key to happiness

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The key to happiness

October, Mon 22nd | 19:00 to 20:30 | with Kadam Mark | KMC Copenhagen

Everyone wants to experience a deep and long lasting feeling of happiness and fulfillment in their lives. We want to be happy and free from problems all the time. If we check, we devote all our time and energy to this pursuit. Maybe we have worked hard and have a life that looks good on the outside, with a good job, home etc. Yet, still we can feel something is missing, and that we haven’t yet found the lasting happiness and fulfillment on the inside that we seek.

In this talk, Kadam Mark will explore how everyone can learn to meditate, and discover for themselves, that it is entirely possible to fulfill these wishes. We will realize that training in meditation enables us to create a life that not only looks good on the outside, but one that feels genuinely and consistently good on the inside. We can cultivate a new found sense of inner freedom and happiness to bring to all areas of our life, from the “inside-out”. The event will be in clear easy to understand English. It include a talk on this topic and a deeply relaxing guided meditation. Everyone is welcome.

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Indre fred

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Meditationsklasse på dansk:
Indre fred

Onsdage | 19:00 til 20:00 | med Sophie eller Stig | KMC CPH

Undgå livets stress og travlhed og oplev meditationens fred for dig selv. Du vil blive ført gennem enkle meditationer, der er afslappende for sind og krop, hvilket fører til en dyb oplevelse af indre fred og tilfredshed.

Undervisningen vil foregå på dansk, og er velegnet for både begyndere og folk med mere erfaring indenfor meditation og mindfulness. Hver klasse vil indeholde både undervisning og guidet meditation. Disse kan tages enkeltvis eller som en serie, som det passer ind i dit program.

De ugentlige undervisninger er både for begyndere og de mere erfarne. Hver undervisningsgang indeholder undervisning og to guidede meditationer, som hjælper dig til at føle indre ro, glæde og velvære. Vi underviser i anerkendte metoder og meditationer, som gør dig i stand til at blive mere opmærksom, nærværende, overkomme stress, kultivere din indre styrke og opleve større harmoni i dine relationer.

Betaling (pr. klasse): 50kr
Clip-kort: 4x 160kr | 8x 240kr

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Awakening wisdom

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Awakening wisdom
The empowerment of Buddha Je Tsongkhapa

December, Sat 1st & Sun 2nd | 10:00 to 13:15 | with Kadam Mark | KMC Copenhagen

In the example of Buddha Je Tsongkhapa we find a vision of authentic hope of wisdom for ourselves and our world. He is the embodiment of a fully awakened compassion, wisdom, and spiritual power. By making a connection to Je Tsongkhapa through this empowerment, we will place indestructible potentials on our mind that will gradually develop these qualities in ourself.

The empowerment is a deeply peaceful guided meditation through which we connect to a Buddha’s inspiration. By receiving the empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa, the Buddha of wisdom, we have the opportunity to make this connection. In this way we can begin the journey to our full our spiritual potential for wisdom, as well as find lasting inner peace and happiness.

Talks and meditations in clear, easy to understand English.

Course fee: 325kr | one day only: 200kr

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