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The Foundation Program (FP) is open to everyone and you can join at any point in the year. Through in-depth study and practise, it helps us close the gap between the inspiring teachings we hear at the Centre and practising them in our daily life. We learn how to integrate all the meditation practises and wisdom advice from Buddha into our normal daily life. In this way we gradually find a deep inner peace and happiness in our lives.

Foundation Program offers a structured approach to learning Buddhist meditation through the study of a particular book and classes consisting of guided meditations, teachings and discussion.


By joining the Foundation Program, you will enjoy all the benefits of full Centre member. This entitles you to free access to all events at the Centre. The Foundation Program fee is 600kr per month.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about Foundation Program and how to join.

The Book

The foundation program is currently studying the book ‘How to understand the mind’ by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. This inspiring book offers us deep insights into the nature and extraordinary potential of our mind. It shows how an understanding of the mind can be used practically in everyday experience to significantly improve our inner peace, happiness and quality of life.

The book includes a practical guide for developing and maintaining a light positive mind – showing how to recognise and abandon states of minds that harm us, and to replace them with peaceful beneficial ones. It also describes different types of mind in detail, revealing the depth and profundity of the Buddhist understanding of the mind. The book concludes with a detailed explanation of meditation, showing how by controlling and transforming our mind we can attain a lasting state of joy, independent of external conditions.