Letting go of fear

Meditation workshop

November, Sat 21st | 10.00 to 13.15 | with Kadam Tim |

Some fears are helpful. They come from our wisdom and function to protect ourself and others, now and in the future.

However, most fear is not useful at all. It leads to procrastination, worry, anxiety and, as Yoda famously proclaimed, to anger and suffering. How can we learn to distinguish the two types of fear and let go of the one that limits our life?

In this workshop, we will investigate the mind of fear itself, and learn ways of thinking and meditations that when applied to our daily life, will limit its influence. Finally, it is helpful to know that through training our mind completely, we can eliminate useless fear altogether.

About this workshop

The meditation practices we teach come from an unbroken lineage of instructions that go back to the teachings of Buddha, over 2500 years ago. They are timeless instructions that are very relevant for developing and maintaining a peaceful mind in today’s world.

As a religious organisation, we are happy to still be able to offer workshops physically at the Centre. However, due to regulations, we are restricted to a maximum of 20 people. For workshops, it is recommended that you book your place in advance.

Our workshops consist of two sessions, with a break in between, where we explore the topic at hand. They include teachings, guided meditation, discussion and an opportunity to ask questions. They also offer the chance to meet and talk with like-minded people. No previous experience of meditation is needed. We sit on regular chairs and no special clothing is needed. Everyone is welcome and anyone can benefit from these teachings regardless of nationality, culture, background, gender or age.

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