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Kids Workshop
Little Buddhas
09 Oct kl 13:00 - 14:30

Description of class

Little Buddhas is a weekly course for kids around 5 -10 years of age. It is intended to present Buddhist themes of kindness, patience, and love in a fun and creative way. The classes incorporate simple guided meditations, storytelling, discussions, games and crafts to match the day’s lesson. These lessons of Buddhist teachings and meditations will further nurture children’s positive mind, and, over time, provide them with techniques to be more focused and relaxed.

The classes are open to everyone and your child can join an individual class or the whole course. No previous experience in Buddhism or meditation is needed. Each class costs 85kr per child (parents are free!) and “Clip Cards” are available for four or eight classes that reduce the effective price per class. The classes are presented in a mixture of Danish and English, so all children are welcome, no matter what their main language is.

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09 Oct kl 13:00 – 14:30

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about the teacher

"Little Buddhas" is organised and taught by Lidet Wolde, who herself has two children aged 4 and 9. Lidet has been studying at KMC Copenhagen for 6 years and also occasionally teaches General Program classes there. Lidet lives with her husband and two children in Copenhagen.

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