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Enjoying the happiness of a pure mind
11 Nov kl 19:00

Enjoying the happiness of a pure mind

Meditations to transform our world


At this year’s Nordic Dharma Celebration, taking place in Copenhagen, we will discover how our mind has the power to create our reality and how a pure mind can create a pure world. As our mind changes, so our world changes.

Through listen to teachings, practicing meditation and receiving the blessing empowerment of Vajrasattva, the Buddha of purification, we will learn how to remove the obstacles and negativity in our mind so that we can experience a happiness that lasts.

An empowerment is a special guided meditation, where we receive the blessings of a particular Buddha. The teachings will be based upon what is known as the “four powers of purification” and we will also learn to recite Vajrasattva’s mantra.

Through attending this event, together with people from the entire Nordic region, you will learn how purifying the mind is the basis for our future happiness and spiritual development. These meditations bring many benefits for our self, others and our world – including a more meaningful and enjoyable life.

Everyone is welcome to join this special event and celebration!

Dates, schedule, recordings, registration and contributions

The event takes place over the weekend Friday 11th to Sunday 13th November 2022 at Kadampa Meditation Centre, Copenhagen and will be taught by the Nordic Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Dragpa.

It is possible to attend for all or part of the event.

A video recorded online option is also available for those who cannot attend in-person.  The Introduction will be available from 11.00 on Monday 14th November, and the rest of the video recordings will be available from 11.00 on Tuesday 15th November.  They will be available until 23.59 on Sunday 20th November, with the exception of the Empowerment which will only be available for 24 hours, from 11.00 Tuesday 15th to 11.00 Wednesday 16th November.

For those who attend the event, a link will be sent after the event, where audio recordings can be purchased for 110 DKK.

The in-person schedule is

Friday 11/11/2219.00 – 20.30Introduction
Saturday 12/11/2208.30 – 9.30Meditation
11.00 – 13.00Empowerment
15.00 – 16.30Teaching
17.45 – 18.45Wishfulfilling Jewel puja
Sunday 13/11/229.00 – 10.00Meditation
11.00 – 12.30Teaching
14.30 – 16.00Teaching

Registration for the event is now open. If you have questions, you can contact us here.

Contributions towards the event are given below

Whole event – “In-person”550
Friday & Saturday375
Saturday & Sunday475
Saturday only325
Whole event – Online video recordings (time-limited)550

With your booking, you can also order a vegetarian lunch for 110 DKK for Saturday or Sunday to eat at the Centre.


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11 Nov kl 19:00
Book class, 325.00 - 770.00 DKK
About the teacher

Gen Kelsang Dragpa is a modern buddhist monk, the Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Oslo and the National Spiritual Director for the Nordic region. He was ordained in 1993 and has taught for many years in different centres in Europe. His teachings are very practical and easy to understand.

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