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Monday meditation
“Unchain your heart”
04 Jul kl 18:00 - 19:30

Class description

In this series of classes – “Unchain your heart” – we will explore how to develop our good heart and loving minds.  These explorations will help us relate to ourself and others in more loving and compassionate ways.

This is the final Monday series before summer break and will be taught by senior students of the Centre, who will share their experiences of practicing Buddha’s teachings in daily life.

Each class has a different title, relating to how we can develop and improve our peaceful good heart.

13th June – “Unchain your heart” – Pernille Mørup

20th June – “Giving happiness to others” – Lidet Wolde

27th June – “Being joyful” – Lidet Wolde

4th July – “Everyone is kind” – Nathalie 

Come and enjoy listening to  teachings from these experienced meditation practitioners and discussing the topics!

About the classes

The four classes in this series during early summer can be attended individually as a series.  Each class consists of two meditations, a teaching, some discussion and an opportunity to ask questions.

Most people sit on chairs, though some meditation cushions are available.   No previous experience is needed and you can “drop-in” to any class on Mondays. Tea is served from 17.45 and everyone is welcome 🙂

The final Monday class before the summer break is on 5th July, and the first Monday class after the summer is on 15th August.





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04 Jul kl 18:00 – 19:30

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About the teacher

Nathalie is the branch teacher in Skælskør and also teaches occasionally at KMC Copenhagen. She has been studying and practising Kadampa Buddhism for 11 years. Nathalie is married with a young daughter and has a professional background in law and ethical investment.

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