Habits of a happy mind

Mondays – Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 – 19.00 to 20.30
with Kadam Tim

Habits are repeated and automatic behaviour. Some habits of mind are useful and lead to peaceful, positive and happy states of mind. Others are not so useful and don’t!

The results we experience in our life come from our actions. Our actions are determined by our intentions. Our intentions are determined by our view. This sequence – view, intention, action, result and experience is important to understand if we wish to create a happy life for ourself.

Each week in this series of classes, we will look at ways of thinking, taught by Buddha, that lead to happiness. Through meditation, we can turn this wisdom into new mental habits – which are the foundation for a happy life – both in 2020 and beyond!

About our Monday class

Everybody is welcome to attend any of the classes. Each class is self-contained, and you can just “drop-in”. No booking is required.

At the classes, most people sit on chairs, though meditation cushions are provided for those who wish to use them. Classes are taught in easy-to-understand English and are suitable for complete beginners as well as those with more experience of meditation.

Entry prices

Drop-in fee (per class): 80kr
Clip Card: (4 x classes): 280kr
Clip Card: (8 x classes): 480kr
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