Meditating from the heart (In-person and Online)

Mondays: June 7,14,21,28 – 18.30 to 20.00
with Kadam Tim Larcombe & Pernille Mørup

This course is about how to change, and how to use meditation to effect authentic and lasting change in our mind.

Probably most people have some wish to change, and no doubt we have all tried to change at some time. But often the changes don’t seem to last, or they take a long time and we get discouraged.

As we will learn in this course, real change only happens when we are able to change our mind at our heart. To do this, we need to learn to meditate from the heart, by bringing our meditative contemplations to our heart and allowing them to touch our heart. The way to do this was taught by Buddha and is something anyone can learn. Through meditation experience we discover that, actually, change is not so difficult.

The benefits of learning to do this are incalculable. As our mind at our heart changes, we change. And as we change the world that appears to us changes. Thus the way to change our world is to learn to meditate from the heart.

(Please note that the class on June 28 is only available “in-person”)

About these in-person and online classes

We are happy to say that these classes are also available “in-person” at the Centre again 🙂

To attend the class in-person, just come along to the class. As our model, are following the guidelines given for religious societies. Normal Covid-19 precautions apply and we wear masks while moving around the room, and can remove them when seated. According to the guidelines, there is space for a maximum of 20 people in the Centre, so please come anytime from 18.00, to ensure that there is a place for you. Tea is served from 18.00.

To attend the class online, please book a ticket below before 18.00 on the day of the class. We will send you a link to the class at the latest 20 minutes before the class starts. We use the Zoom service for our online classes.

The classes include teachings, discussion and guided meditations. No previous experience of meditation is needed. Everyone is welcome, buddhist and non-buddhist alike and anyone can benefit from these teachings regardless of nationality, culture, background, gender or age.

Lineage of these instructions

The meditation practices we teach come from an unbroken lineage of instructions that go back to the teachings of Buddha, over 2500 years ago. They are timeless instructions that are very relevant for developing and maintaining a peaceful mind in today’s world.

Teachings for these classes will be drawn from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche’s books “How to Transform Your Life” and “How to Solve our Human Problems”. Hard copies of both books can be purchased at the Centre. A digital version of the latter is available here available here, and a digital version the former can be download for free here.

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