Healing ourself and helping others with compassion

February, Sat 15th | 10.00 to 13.15 | with Kadam Tim | KMC Copenhagen

Compassion is cool! It really is! However, the understanding of compassion explained by Buddha, may not be the same as our everyday understanding of the word. Buddhist compassion purifies the mind and energises us to benefit others. It does not make us depressed in any way.

This is because from Buddhism we can understand that suffering has causes, and because these causes can be removed, suffering can cease. Compassion for ourself energises us to remove the internal causes of our own suffering, and this knowledge and experience provides the energy to help others and complete the spiritual path for their sake.

By attending this workshop, you will increase your understanding of compassion and the meditations we will practise will develop your abilities to act with compassion. You will learn new perspectives on compassion and why true compassion is a joyful and peaceful mind.

This workshop is also an ideal introduction for the Nordic Kadampa Festival in Oslo, called “Awakening our good heart” on March 13th -15th which everyone is welcome to join.

About our workshops

Everyone is welcome to join our Saturday morning workshops. No previous experience of meditation is needed, nor is any special clothing required. Most people sit on chairs, though meditation cushions are provided for those that wish to use them.

The workshops are presented in easy-to-understand English and are attended by people with a great variety of backgrounds and culture. Each workshop consists of two teaching sessions with meditations, and a light brunch is served between them.