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Clip Cards and "Centre Supporters"

Depending on how you use the Centre, there are different ways to contribute to the Centre. In general, for Monday or Thursday classes you can just “drop-in” and buy a single ticket for 100kr.

Save money on "drop-in" classes

Clipcards for weekly classes

If you come regularly to the Monday or Thursday classes, it is cheaper to buy a Clip Card. There is no time limit and you can share a Clip Card with a friend. An 8x Clip Card costs 600kr (75kr/class)

Clipcard for 4 classes

350 kr.

Clipcard for 8 classes

600 kr.
Become a Centre Supporter

"Centre Supporters"

“Centre Supporters” support the provision of this meditation centre in Copenhagen and give you access to classes at a reduced rate.

There are two types of “Centre Supporter”.  A “General Program (GP) Centre Supporter” and a “Foundation Program (FP) Centre Supporter”.

The “FP Centre Supporter” subscription is 600kr/month (400kr/month for students). The “GP Centre Supporter” subscription is 350kr/month (250kr/month for students).   The “FP Centre Supporter” includes the Foundation Program Study Group.

If you attend classes regularly it makes sense to become a “Centre Supporter”

Become part of the centre

600 DKK /

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