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How to use the Centre

There are different ways to make use of what we offer and how you use the Centre may change over time. There are classes for beginners, a study program and access to the more advanced teachings and meditation practices of a spiritual life. If you are in doubt about what is right for you, you are welcome to contact us.

Open to everyone

General Program

The General Program provides a basic introduction to Buddhist view, meditation and practice that is suitable for beginners. It also includes advanced teachings and practice from both Sutra and Tantra. Most people start by attending General Program classes, workshops or retreats. General Program also includes international festivals (which introduce more the more advanced teachings, though everyone is welcome to attend) and chanted meditation prayers (pujas) in the Centre.

A study program you can join

Foundation Program

The Foundation Programme provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding and experience of Buddhism through a systematic study of six texts. People who wish to have a more structured approach to studying Buddhist meditation usually join our study group having had some experience of General Progam. There is an enrolment procedure, and it is possible to join at any time. At the moment we are studying the book “Joyful Path of Good Fortune”.

A way to open your heart

Chanted meditation prayers (pujas)

As part of the General Program, we also offer a regular program of chanted meditation prayers, also called “pujas”, that people can engage if they wish. They function to still our mind, help us make a connection with enlightened beings, open our heart to the spiritual path and can transform our mind into a positive state quite quickly. All pujas are free of charge and everyone is welcome.

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