Weekend Meditation Retreat in Maribo - Kadampa Meditation Centre CPH
Weekend Meditation Retreat in Maribo
29 Oct kl 19:30

Important: The retreat is from Friday, 29th Oct to Sunday, 31st of Oct.

What is a retreat?

We are very happy to be able to offer our annual meditation countryside meditation retreat this year at Maribo Inspirationscentret

A meditation retreat gives us the opportunity to take a break from our busy life and take some time out to gain deeper experience of meditation and its benefits. On retreat you discover how meditation helps improve our overall levels of inner peace, happiness and well-being. This can give us great encouragement and confidence in our ability to continue to enjoy meditation and its benefits long after the retreat is over.

The retreat program

The weekend starts with an introduction session at 7.30pm on Friday, 29th October. A dinner will be served at 6pm on Friday 29th, before the retreat starts. The retreat finishes at 3.30pm on Sunday, 31st.

There will be 4 x talks and guided meditation sessions on Saturday and 3 x talks and guided meditation sessions on Sunday. In each session Kadam Tim will explain clearly how to engage in the particular meditation and its benefits for our daily life. Then he will guide each meditation, enabling us to gain deep experience of each meditation and its benefits. All talks and meditations will be in clear, easy to understand English.

As it is a retreat, during the mornings until lunchtime we will maintain silence.  During the breaks you can take a peaceful walk in the beautiful surrounding countryside and quiet nearby forest. Also, you can simply relax or chat with the other people on the retreat during the afternoons and evenings, in what is always a warm, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere.

Retreat topic

The main objects of meditation for this retreat will be our unlimited potential, the wish to benefit others and the true nature of the self.

An understanding of the true nature of the self is probably the most valuable knowledge we could have as it effectively defines how we experience our world.   In essence, it provides answers to the eternal question – “Who am I?”.   Buddha taught extensively on this topic in his “Perfection of Wisdom Sutras”.   In his commentary to these Sutras, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso says “The self we normally see, does not exist”.

By gradually understanding this sentence, which describes what is know as “The Emptiness of the Self”, we will gradually come to solve all our daily problems, create the causes of future happiness and eventually, if we wish, attain permanent liberation from suffering and full enlightenment.

Whilst this is a profound topic, as the title of the retreat indicates – “Who do you think you are? 😊” – we will be taking a light and joyful approach.

About the venue

The retreat takes place at Maribo Inspirationscentret on Lolland about 2 hours by car from Copenhagen.

Maribo Inspirationscentret offers the ideal environment for a relaxing and inspiring weekend meditation retreat. Set in the tranquil setting of the Lolland countryside, Inspiration Center Denmark was built in 1996 by the then Maribo Folk High School.  The Inspiration Centre has its own park-like garden and own lake. The meditation room is a tranquil, light filled room, overlooking the beautiful garden. The delicious vegetarian or vegan meals over the weekend are all lovingly prepared by the in-house chef.   The rooms where you will stay are of a high standard and cosy.   There are also areas to sit and relax or read.

Who should attend?

The retreat is open to everyone.   You are welcome to join even if you have no previous meditation experience.   You do not have to be a Buddhist to participate, and no one will ask you about your faith or beliefs.   (However, as the teachings come from Buddha, each session will start with some short Buddhist meditation prayers).

Three weeks before the retreat, on Sunday October 10th,  we will also be having a Sunday morning workshop on the same topic which you may like to join as an introduction to the topic.   If you have attended classes at Kadampa Meditation Centre in Copenhagen, you will find the sessions familiar.

Prices and practicalities

All prices are the total price for the weekend. The price includes cosy rooms, 3 x delicious vegetarian meals per day, and the retreat fee:

Twin room per person – 2,500kr (based on sharing in a room with 2  beds)
Single room per person  – 2,900kr

If you don’t have your own transport, we will do our best to help you get to and from the retreat – either in other participants cars or helping information on public transportation.   If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.  (Details at the top of this page)

Book your ticket​

29 Oct kl 19:30
Single room, 2900 DKK per personShared room, 2500 DKK per person

about the teacher

The Resident Teacher at the Centre is Kadam Tim Larcombe, who has studied under the guidance of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for nearly 20 years. Kadam Tim continues to study extensively. He has lived with his Danish wife and son in Copenhagen for over 20 years, and earns his living as a strategy consultant.

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